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Your business is reasonably successful but you would like to take it to the next level.


Often though, this requires investment finance and expertise. One of the mistakes business owners can make, is to think that they can do it all themselves. The challenge is that business owners are often busy working inside their business, instead of on their business, or it could be a lack of finance to get that bigger deal, which would help them to get to the next level.



It costs between 9x and 15x to acquire a new customer compared to selling to an existing one, and winning customers one by one is becoming harder and competition is intensifying.  One of the ways to grow your business is through mergers. Many do not realise how big an opportunity this is if you do it the right way.  Finding the right partner and doing the merger does take time and skill but it is worth it. Growing by mergers is the way the bigger companies grow, so why not do this yourselves.



We create a win-win for all parties, and once merged you have the benefits of instant access to new customers, products, services and employees. Usually too, you can consolidate the operations (save money) while cross-selling your products and services across new and old customers bases.



We enjoy investing in businesses that need that little extra push either in finance, expertise, mergers or all three, to radically make a positive impact on your business.



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