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CP International is a privately-owned investment vehicle created to partner with business owners to realise their business potential and ambitions.


We acquire businesses that we recognise as having the potential to become even greater and helping the current owners realise their rewards for creating and building the business to its present standing and are ready to leave.


You may be worn out and tired with the stresses of running a private company, ready or overdue for retirement and can’t find a way or someone to pass the business onto or a personal life-changing event has occurred and you've confronted the urgent need to sell. 

We are primarily interested in acquiring good, profitable companies with revenues >£2M.



We help turnaround underperforming businesses that are not reaching their full potential.  You may be the owner of a business that is not reaching its full potential and you realise that you lack some of the skills and knowledge needed to be able to drive the business forward.  It might be lack of funding, or in most cases lack of management, structure and organisation.



We provide investment finance and merger opportunities.  Your business is doing OK but you would like to take it to the next level. Many times, this requires investment finance and expertise. One of the mistakes business owners can make, is to think that they can do it all themselves. The challenge is that business owners are often busy working inside their business, instead of on their business, or it could be a lack of finance to get that bigger deal, which would help you get to the next level.



CP International provides:


1. The expertise

2. Appropriate capital and financing

3. The ability to close very quickly on the right opportunities.



We are excited to partner with you and investigate ways to continue to grow your business. We'll maintain your successful track record and protect your company's legacy by deploying our professional team and network of business improvement and growth experts.


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